Strategy, development & support for coalitions, associations, organizations and initiatives

Principals & Staff

Sam Woollard, Principal

Sam Woollard, Principal

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For the last twenty five years, Sam Woollard has worked with non-profit, governmental and private funding organizations to establish and coordinate diverse public-private partnerships, create innovative programs, facilitate community conversations, and lead groups to community solutions. Her unique style, which … READ MORE

Kelly Stewart Nichols, Principal

Kelly Stewart Nichols, Principal

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Kelly Stewart Nichols is an experienced professional on a mission to help people and institutions come together to solve big problems. She has a knack for translating complex… READ MORE

Lily Wein, Projects Manager

Lily Wein, Director of Community Projects

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Lily Wein is passionate about working with individual nonprofits, nonprofit coalitions, and boards to develop and implement programs that boost organizational capacity and enhance services to vulnerable populations. She loves conducting research on community needs and best practices, and applying research to… READ MORE


In order to complement and expand the services we currently offer, WNA is excited to introduce our Associates!


Carol Johnson, Associate

Carol Johnson is passionate about equipping managers and teams of people to work most effectively and efficiently together.  She strongly advocates an approach that enables people to enhance their strengths, rather than focusing on “fixing” their weaknesses. Only through… READ MORE

Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres, Associate

With nearly twenty years of work experience in the local government and nonprofit sectors, Andrea Torres is committed to helping organizations create a greater and lasting impact for the people they serve and the broader community.  She believes in the power of… READ MORE

Strategic Partners

WNA partners with other businesses and organizations to provide advanced services. Our strategic partners include:

True Casa Consulting, LLC

True Casa provides affordable housing and supportive service solutions that assist nonprofits, private organizations and municipalities to create communities that everyone can call home. They have decades of experience developing high-impact, quality affordable housing as well as designing, funding, and running innovative supportive housing programs.

About Us

Woollard Nichols & Associates is an Austin-based consulting firm committed to nurturing social impact through strategy, development & support for coalitions, associations, organizations and initiatives.

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