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Happy Birthday to Us… But the Gifts are For You!

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It’s been one year since Woollard Nichols & Associates officially launched, and we’ve been reflecting on the work that we’ve done over the last year. It was a great year – we supported almost twenty clients including coalitions and collaborations, membership associations, non-profit organizations, city departments and divisions of school districts. We facilitated community planning […]

Reflections on a Grant Rejection Letter

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A while back, I got an email informing me that we didn’t get a grant that I had convened a team of consultants to apply for. A dozen lines in response to an application that required well over 100 combined hours of unpaid work to submit – no question that it was a downer to […]

Sometimes it's Just about Sitting Down to Talk

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We are supporting an effort led by Austin-Travis County Integral Care to coordinate community mental health services for children and create a community plan to improve the mental health of youth throughout the county. As part of this, we participated in planning and facilitating the Austin Community Conversation on Teen and Young Adult Mental Health […]

How Nonprofits Can Catch the Social Media Train

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Kelly and WNA intern Kamene Dornubari-Ogidi share insights from a social media training held by One Voice Central Texas. Check out live tweets and photos with the event hashtag, #OneVoiceCTX. Nonprofits have progressively embraced the dynamic, connective utility of social media platforms in educational campaigns, event and donor outreach. Social media has also proved to be a […]

Essential Ingredients for Effective Coalitions

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Establishing and maintaining effective coalitions is no easy feat. Through our experience working with coalitions of various sizes, structures, and purposes, we have found that there are some common ingredients that are necessary in order for coalitions to thrive. Like a cake, coalitions will sink (or even collapse!) if essential ingredients are missing from the […]

Tough Issue? Get to… Playing!

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My close friends all know that I love to organize games. Some of my favorite memories involve playing Mafia, Balderdash, Cranium, Celebrity and Apples to Apples with friends over the years. So, it’s probably not a huge surprise to them that I’m now incorporating games into my career. Games and other simulated exercises allow people […]

A Refresher Course in Online Giving

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WNA supports our clients in achieving financial sustainability and stewardship through the creation of development plans and strategies. Whether you are just getting started or would like to refine your existing online giving strategy, here are some great tips authored by our talented intern and current University of Texas student, Alenis Leon. Online giving is […]

5 Things to Do Before You Hire a Marketing Firm, or How Not to Put the Cart Before the Horse

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We love communications and PR folks. They are amazingly creative professionals who can offer value-added services to promote your mission by helping you craft your message to the media, by designing impactful collateral that supports strategic fundraising, by creating infographics that demonstrate complex concepts at a glance, and more. But – and I think my […]

Tips from a Matchmaker: Nonprofit + Business Collaboration

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Austin Gives is a great community program that recognizes and encourages local business philanthropy, and we are very proud to support the initiative. Last month, Sam co-facilitated the Austin Gives “Faster, Better Biz Philanthropy” workshop designed to help businesses navigate the nitty gritty details of developing effective philanthropy plans. With 25 businesses in attendance, the […]

What Nonprofits Taught Me About Running A Business

By Sam Woollard | | 0 Comments

We often hear that nonprofits should operate more like businesses. This statement makes a lot of negative assumptions about how nonprofits actually work. My experience is that most nonprofits have a lot to teach businesses about how to be successful. As I entered the for profit consulting world, I used many of the skills I […]