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Tips from a Matchmaker: Nonprofit + Business Collaboration

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Austin Gives is a great community program that recognizes and encourages local business philanthropy, and we are very proud to support the initiative. Last month, Sam co-facilitated the Austin Gives “Faster, Better Biz Philanthropy” workshop designed to help businesses navigate the nitty gritty details of developing effective philanthropy plans. With 25 businesses in attendance, the […]

What Nonprofits Taught Me About Running A Business

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We often hear that nonprofits should operate more like businesses. This statement makes a lot of negative assumptions about how nonprofits actually work. My experience is that most nonprofits have a lot to teach businesses about how to be successful. As I entered the for profit consulting world, I used many of the skills I […]

Could the Loss of Obscure Federal Data Impact Your Ability to Get Funded?

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We’re currently working with a collaboration of local entities on planning for substance abuse services, so when I saw this article last week, it piqued my interest. It’s not a long read, but if you’re pressed for time I’ll boil it down: People lie when asked about hard drug use. To get a real picture […]

On Getting Messy

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Recently, a friend asked me to describe WNA’s business model. I told her that we are interested in focusing on collaborative work between more than one agency or organization. “You know,” I said, “the messy kind of work.” She laughed and let me know she would be sure to think of me when she had […]

Secrets of an Organizational Guru, Revealed!

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Sometimes people ask me how I’m able to manage and stay on top of so many projects at one time. My secret: I enlist the help of free web-based tools that keep me organized, on track, and managing my time effectively. Here is a list of a few of my go-tos: Toggl – Do you […]

7 Reasons We Love this Work

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share 7 reasons why we at Woollard Nichols & Associates are in love with our work! We work with inspiring leaders. The initiatives we work with are making Central Texans lives’ better. We get to support visionary projects. We get to give back. We see results. We […]


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Welcome to the Woollard Nichols & Associates blog. We are thrilled that you’re here, and we hope that you’ll consider signing up for our newsletter to receive our weekly blog posts in your inbox. Why would you want to sign up for yet another newsletter? Because we’re going to have some juicy tips and insights […]

Home Intro

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