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Don’t Leaf for Summer Vacation Without Making Plans for the Fall!

Don’t Leaf for Summer Vacation Without Making Plans for the Fall!

With the summer heat starting to bear down on us, it is hard to remember what it was like to put on a sweater or turn on the heater. But before we know it, fall will be here with its cooler temperatures and falling leaves. For many organizations and collaborations, fall means the beginning of a new budget year and the opportunity to begin new initiatives.

At WNA, fall is an opportunity to start new projects! And with recently added reinforcements, we are able to accommodate more projects and offer a wider range of services to meet the needs of your organization.

Have you been wondering “what’s next for my organization?”

WNA works with organizations to help formulate strategic ideas and develop plans that will allow you to inform and motivate staff and funders. We can even take this planning a step further and help your team implement specific elements of your strategy.

Are you looking for a way to demonstrate your initiative’s positive impact?

WNA can help your organization develop key performance measures that can help you track your impact in the community as well as the efficiency of your internal operations. We can also offer assistance developing protocols for consistent and accurate data collection and reporting.

Are you faced with vacancies in key positions?

From fundraising to communications to program management, WNA can offer services that will keep your non-profit agency, association or coalition moving forward while it looks for just that right person. In some instances, we can even serve as interim managers to complete specific projects and manage staff.

Do you need assistance with government grants?

Special one-time grants or periodic government proposals can often tax even the best development team. With team members who have successfully navigated various local, state and federal requests for proposals, WNA has the expertise to help your organization develop proposals that are clear, concise and responsive.

WNA can help your organization address both straightforward and complex issues and identify concrete actions that will better position you to achieve your mission and goals. As you begin planning for your new year, contact us to discuss how we might fit into your upcoming plans.