Our Services

Woollard Nichols & Associates works with non-profit executives, government administrators, funders, coalitions and other social sector leaders who are challenged with addressing and navigating complex issues. We’ve been particularly successful with supporting collaborative initiatives, coalitions and boards to articulate their vision and take concrete action steps to achieve their goals. We aim to be a trusted sounding board for leaders and groups facing tough issues, and to bring a fresh perspective to organizational planning and decision making.

Our primary focus is in the social sector. We define the social sector as non-profit, public and private sector initiatives that build community well-being and help people reach their full potential. This often includes working with organizations and individuals focusing on health and human services, housing and community development, education, workforce development, and behavioral health.

We specialize in three areas:

Supporting Collaborative Initiatives

We provide coordination and support services to emerging and established collaborations, including:

  • Facilitation, guidance and support for public/private partnerships, community boards, task forces, coalitions, and collaborations
  • Project management, strategy, and administrative support
  • Communications plans, website maintenance and social media
  • Resource development and sustainability planning
  • Membership management and engagement
  • Developing feedback loops and data-driven coalition culture

Facilitating Strategic Decision-Making

We help high-impact organizations and initiatives tackle tough issues in the following areas:

  • Community planning and agenda setting
  • Developing organizational strategy screens and decision-making criteria
  • Operational design and support
  • Project design and implementation
  • Strengths-focused executive decision making and coaching
  • Community board development and governance
  • Sustainability planning & development strategy
  • Exploration of partnerships, mergers and collaborations

Conducting Community and Organizational Assessments

We assess community needs and help organizations and coalitions figure out how they can be most successful in addressing these needs by conducting and/or developing:

  • People-focused community assessments
  • Stakeholder research including interviews, focus groups, and surveys
  • Demographic profiles, community scans and best practice analyses
  • Asset and fiscal mapping
  • Program evaluation and developing internal evaluation systems


WNA contracts on an hourly and per-project basis. Our hourly rate is $140/hour for management and strategic consulting and $75/hour for administrative support. Project-based rates for long-term assignments are also available. Before beginning any work, we meet with the client for a complimentary consultation to discuss the project needs and scope, and we work closely to develop a contract that clearly outlines expectations and costs. In accordance with our firm’s commitment to philanthropy and capacity building in the social sector, WNA offers limited opportunities for discounts and in-kind services for non-profits and startup initiatives.