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Presenting WNA Pittsburgh!

Presenting WNA Pittsburgh!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new office in Pittsburgh in June 2018! Our long-time employee, Lily Wein, will be serving as the Vice President of Operations. Here’s a note she penned about her move. If you know folks in Pennsylvania who may benefit from our services, please reach out to Lily!

I have lived outside of Pittsburgh for over ten years now, but I never stopped considering it my home. Like all Pittsburghers, I have a lot of pride in the city I come from. And despite my eagerness to leave for college when I was 18, I always knew that I eventually wanted to return.

My family and friends in Pittsburgh

When my (then) four-year-old nephew and I had a teary goodbye on a recent visit and he asked me if I would live in Pittsburgh before he turned six, I knew it was time to plan my move back. My parents, older sister, and her children live there, and I have missed being so far away from them.

My fiancé Julio was born in El Salvador, grew up in Mississippi, and has never lived much farther north than Austin. But because he understands how much the city means to me, he agreed to brave the cold (and Steelers fan base) and start the next chapter of our lives in the Steel City. 

Sam, Kelly and KiYa threw me a surprise farewell party…and it was a total surprise!

I have loved working with Woollard Nichols & Associates in Austin for the past six years. While I am leaving many people and places that I will miss, I’m thrilled that I don’t have to say goodbye to a job that means an enormous amount to me. As WNA’s new Vice President of Operations in Pittsburgh, I am excited to combine my passion for the social sector consulting work that I do with my lifelong love for the city. I’m looking forward to using the skills I’ve worked hard to build with WNA to address community issues in Pittsburgh. Just as we have done in Austin and across Texas, I am excited about helping to support community coalitions, help non-profit leaders create strategy, and build the capacity of the social sector in Pennsylvania.

I take great pride in the fact that I have grown resources and strengthened coalitions in Austin, and this work has helped make Austin a more just place for the people who live here. I can’t wait to do that in the community that raised me.